Rip A Remix Manifesto

Tonight I started watching the documentary ‘RIP A Remix Manifesto’ and watched it all the way through in one go, even though it’s sunday and I pressed play at about midnight. If you liked The Corporation, then you’ll definitely like RIP. Also, this guy named Girl Talk is fucking cool. You can’t dislike a friendly dude that plays remixed music in his boxer shorts. And damn, these look like awesome parties, I definitely wanna attend a Girl Talk gig once in my life. I guess I’ll throw it on the pile list along with Burning Man festival, Bonnaroo, Coachella and Rock Werchter. Ain’t it always easier to make to-do lists than to do anything that’s on the list…

You can download the movie on piratebay. Go ahead. This one’s legal. For change.

And a cool interview on on the movie.

Tal Benisty