Salone di Mobile in Milano Pt 2

ed. note: this is a follow up on my previous blog entry on the Salone, which you can find here.

Today’s post on Core 77 -covering the NY Design Week 09- detailed Paola Antonelli’s interview of legendary designer De Lucchi. As I quickly scanned the article, a little sentence caught my eyes, and I quote:

Rather than focus on the objects we know so well, Antonelli instead chose to interview De Lucchi about his life and philosophy. Since De Lucchi had been involved with so many pivotal movements, his anecdotes were a virtual who’s who of design icons. After introducing him with the quip, “changing the world one chair at a time,” Antonelli let him tell his life story.

Changing the world one chair at a time…
I’m sorry, what?!
Somebody really should come to me and show me one chair that changed anything in the world, from the shape of someone’s buttock to modern philosophy. I’m that open.
The funny part is, being in a city like Milan where everyone is praising the significance of chairs, tables and lamps (not just to design, but to the world), you really start wondering… am I the crazy person here? Or did someone just use ‘Changing the world’ and ‘chairs’ in a single sentence?

Which reminds me of another briliant XKCD comic about the Turing test.

You tell me.

Tal Benisty