Death by crouton, and other expressions I like

Sterling, talking about how Twitter will kill blogs.

*TWITTER?! You’re kidding me, right? Twitter is for people who wanna micro-blog what they’re having for lunch! Twitter is a kid’s toy! All the heavy operators are on Technorati!

*Okay, two years ago, Twitter was like being beaten to death with croutons. Now it’s turning into a river of croutons, a vast surging social stream of croutons, surging into a big lake of data-dredgeable croutons.

Anything ending with ‘senseless’. More recently on Wired:

If I were Steve Jobs, the video to the right would scare me senseless. It shows a Google Android phone running a Spotify app that appears to succeed in porting the full Spotify experience — still not available to most Americans — to a mobile phone.

Tal Benisty