Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

Phoenix, a french electro band somewhere in between Air and Daft Punk (though not really, say, in the middle of that line, more like, in the middle, and then a notch to the right :) has recently released a new album. At least, I think they did, what with downloading culture, it’s hard to tell whether the album is still unreleased or whether you’re actually running behind. Though chances are it’s the former option. Anyway, I distinctly remember reading a comment about Phoenix on the internet once, that said ‘the problem with Phoenix, is that they’ll drop one or two BOMBS of a song on the album, leaving the rest of the tracklist at mediocre to average.’ And I agree. In fact, I’m not a big fan of compilation albums at all, but if there’s one band out there that could do with a ‘Best of’ mixtape, be in Phoenix. HOWEVER, that has changed with the release of their latest album, Wolfgang Amadeux Phoenix. And the title is spot-on, for the band’s latest effort is nothing short of genius. This is where I’m gonna stop rambling and simply post the 3 songs you should simply check-out.

1. Lisztomania
2. 1901
3. Lasso

but you might as well go on with

4. Rome
5. Girlfriend
6. Countdown for the sick

Actually, just skip ‘love like a sunset’ :)

Tal Benisty