Garafunkelous and other expressions


Less lethal than Munchhausen, it’s the effect of becoming attractive by the sheer proximity to someone that is actually attractive. Think of hot girl’s younger sisters, the drummer of practically every famous rockband and last but not least, Enrique Iglesias.


The Garafunkel scale refers to an ugly guy’s surely huge penis by the looks of the hot girl he’s with. Example phrase: I was walking down the street when I saw a hottie walk arm in arm with this fugly dude. That guy’s penis must be garafunkelous!

Mich Syndrome

The Mich Syndrome is the phenomenon that occurs when you go on holidays at the start of a burgeoning relationship with a girl, and you come home to discover that same relationship has crumpled to nothingness over the course of your absence. Yes, I realize that it isn’t technically a syndrome as it is a phenomenon, but syndrom sounded much cooler, and has a rightful connotation of danger to it.

Tal Benisty