(Design) websites I regularly check

Sue, a good friend of mine, recently sent a mail around our circle of friends, asking everyone to please list the design websites they regularly check. She would, of course, send the complete list back to everyone soon enough. I’ve been having smilar plans to find out what websites people check. The early days of internet, primarily browsed for jokes and funny pictures are gone. Years of filtering and harsh selection must have brought forth the finest of the finest. And I’m curious. Until then, here’s my list. Pardon the messiness, I copy pasted the mail I wrote:

Hey Sue,

here’s a quick overview of the websites I regularly check.
They’re mostly on the border of design, but on the forefront of what’s going on today in technology, society, arts, internet etc :)

– Core77 (a classic, but that way, I get my fix on everything straightforwardly design).
Now the interesting stuff
– I check Wired.com regularly
– Especially Bruce Sterling’s blog: http://www.wired.com/beyond_the_beyond/
http://www.experientia.com/blog/ for everything human-user-oriented, good selection of reading material
http://www.we-make-money-not-art.com/ (I’m not all too familiar with this one, but if you’re into design on the arty side of the force, that’s where you have to be)
– Dezeen.com for more architecture and arty design
http://designobserver.com/ (for deep thinking)
http://welovetypography.com and http://ilovetypography.com/ for… you guessed it, Typography
http://www.liftconference.com/videos which is similar to TED and Poptech
– I sometimes check Siniz’s blog: http://log.siniz.com/
http://pleasecritiqueme.com/ and http://www.webdesignermag.co.uk/category/inspiration/ for webdesign.
– Same goes for http://www.webbyawards.com/webbys/current.php?season=13
– My latest and probably best discovery is FUBIZ:
http://www.fubiz.net/ An amazing blog of gread ads, animations, photography, videos and more simply awesome awesome stuff.
– Timo Arnall is a guy to watch: http://www.elasticspace.com/page/2
– And this group called Touch: http://www.nearfield.org/
– And another guy to watch called Matt Jones: http://magicalnihilism.com/
– And the best source of cool ads: http://adsoftheworld.com/
Last but definitely not least:

Tal Benisty