What Tal Wants

* This is a repost from Talbenisty.blogspot.com, with an update :)

A list of things I want.
Shouldn’t it be the most common thing to do with writing?
And yet, here we are, and I’m only about to start.
I’m making this list so that at any moment in my life, when faced with making a decision, I can look at this list and decide which path will take me closer to what I want.
So here goes:

I want to learn how to be a bartender
I want to play the piano again when I’m older
I want to take my dog Kenzo to the mountains without leash.
I want to travel around the world for 6 months before I start working.
I want to have many experiences with women before settling down.
I want to land a job which allows me to experiment in creative ways with interaction and technology.
I want to master guitar playing.
I want to learn an asian language, japanese or so.
I want to learn how to juggle clubs.
I want to travel regularly
I want to live in New York for a while, and see what San Francisco is like
I want a job that gives me enough days off to travel comfortably.
I want to remain in touch with Youri, Raphael for life, no matter what
I want to Tom to know that he’s my fucking hombre since kindergarten.
I want to own a Mini
I want to stick around in the academic world for some time after I graduate
I want to be the person that keeps the family united and our traditions alive
I want to give my kids a jewish education
I want to learn meditation
I want to dive in the Galapagos
I want to keep writing blog or whatever media suits me
I want to learn how to make websites
I want to have the confidence to feel comfortable in any and every social situation.
I want to remain true to my selfish goals for the rest of my life
I want to try out acting and improvisation
I want to learn how to sing properly the songs I enjoy playing on the guitar
I want to master every Jack Johnson song I dig
I want to experience a real fight once, see what a punch feels like
I want to experiment as an artist for a while, make interactive art
I want to learn how to draw silhouettes and portraits

Tal Benisty