Rives – Kite

the morning after the first night that we made love
the note on your pillow said Good morning sparkle boy
i’ll be back around noon, you make yourself at home
and so I did. maybe.
I’m saying maybe,
I put on your slippers, which were as comfortable as bunnies,
because they were bunnies
and then shuffled across my new favorite hardwood floor to the bathroom where maybe
I took a bubble bath
which is not something I can do at my place because frankly
my tub is way to skanky to ever sit my bare ass down in it
and then maybe, I got so caught up in the romance of the suds
I started quoting old latin poetry from my college days like
“fol ce ray, quan dee tippe kalm, dee dieazz”, you know,
“Verily the gods do favor me this morning… motherfucker!”

And then maybe, i played with myself, but it is not what you’re thinking.
I’m saying possibly i just sorta stuck my hand up from the water for some reason and started going like uh,
you know, like uh… “somebody got laid last night! Ha ha ha, you! you! you!”

y’know.. or whatever..

and then maybe I played with myself, and it’s exactly what you’re thinking, but if i did,
it was only to put the mental motion picture of our naked night together on replay, and replay, and replay.
so touching myself was just like.. Tivo, in a way

and, and yes, i was still wet when i borrowed your bathrobe,
and yes, i scared the birds away from your balcony with my antics, dancing full-blast to your old prince cd’s,
but please, let’s keep that my little secret, because nothing is as private as a solitary dance.
unless, maybe, it’s standing in front of a full-length mirror in a borrowed pair of bunny slippers,
slipping off a bath robe, and then wishing to a light bulb that my name, or my game, or my whatever, were bigger –
wondering what kind of woman wants this skinny kid for a warrior.

and so i made for you a kite, enormous, out of coat hangers, brown paper bags,
and the masking tape from that drawer in your kitchen,
and i hung it in the hallway where you couldn’t hardly miss it.
and i tagged that kite with my words.
i wrote:

just so you know, my weird mind wanders, and my brave heart breaks.
i’ve nailed some milestones, but I make mistakes.
because i’ve got more faults than a map of california earthquakes.
i’m taking a nap beneath your covers.
wake me if you like me, wake me if you want me.
wake me if you need another poem.
your once and future lover has made himself at home.

transcribed by Tal Benisty