Lisztomania Part II

Top 10 films (and more)

– Oldboy
All hail fucked up Korean movies. Greek drama got nothing on these asian mofo’s.

– Before sunrise & before sunset
Romance as it should be

– Memento

– Fight Club

– Hard Candy
Don’t mess with 14 year olds :)

– Infernal Affairs

– Vanilla Sky

– Little Miss Sunshine

– Juno

– Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

And there’s more that hold a special place in my heart (we both know strict top 10 movie lists are impossible :)

Primer (I didn’t understand half the movie, but loved all of it :)
Big Fish (of course)
Donnie Darko (can’t remember why, but I dug that movie A LOT)
Brick (very cool)
Something’s Gotta Give (the movie I show to every girl I meet that’s one of those ‘don’t love – don’t get hurt’ type, plus it’s damn funny)
Day Watch / Night Watch (kick-ass Russian fantasy/action blockbuster)
Bin Jip (prettiest wordless korean movie ever)
Cash Back (no point trying to come up with an objective opinion about this one, there’s denuded breasts in it, I can’t separate that aspect from the rest of my opinion :) Just kidding, it’s a very pretty film, bit of magic-realism, bit of art, boy meets girl and funny)
I heart Huckabees
Garden State
Kontroll (very cool hungarian movie)
Ratatouille (especially for all the scenes where the mouse is controlling the kid by pulling at his hair :)
The Fountain (‘a visual poem’, not my words, yes my opinion)
The Prestige (cool)

Movies I used to love very much so how could I not mention them:
Amelie Poulain
Walking Life

Movie about to get in my top 10 very fast:
Inglourious Basterds

Tal Benisty


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