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I would like propose a new slogan for Munich: ‘Made you look’. See I recently read Paul Graham’s article on Cities and Ambitions, which I read a long time ago, loved then, remembered recently and loved again. In it, the writer describes from his personal experience the theory he developed that different cities send different messages to their citizens.

Power matters in New York too of course, but New York is pretty impressed by a billion dollars even if you merely inherited it. In Silicon Valley no one would care except a few real estate agents. What matters in Silicon Valley is how much effect you have on the world. The reason people there care about Larry and Sergey is not their wealth but the fact that they control Google, which affects practically everyone.

Back to Munich. I am amazed by how stylish everything and every one seems to be. I think the city’s slogan should be ‘Made you look’ because as I keep staring at all the impressively dressed people in the street (okay fine, women), I keep expecting them to look back over their shoulders, Audrey Hepburn style, and go ‘Ha, made you look.’ First I believed that the city simply has an above average amount of good looking people (which might be true), but what’s more, is that I catch myself staring at women of average beauty whom I’d normally not give the time of day (if I’m using the expression correctly) but see even they (and pretty much everyone, really) has Style with a capital S. And so even the aforementioned average girls get my attention with their cut-out-of-a-magazine outfit and I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if they’d catch me in the act and say ‘Ha, made you look’. Which generally is my theory on why it is important for otherwise average looking women to dress well. It’s a biological trick of making us (potential suitors) stop to look for a second and reconsider our original dismissal. Catch our attention, so to speak. And let me tell you, Munich has gotten all of mine.


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  1. I am afraid that you also suffering from a bit of a rebound effect. You have spent a significant amount of time in the Netherlands, were women dress as if… I find it hard to find an appropriate comparison, but let’s imagine that the average Dutch woman blindfolds herself, strips naked and runs at random into her closet. She spins inside it, arms outstretched, until she has gathered a sufficient mass of textile for the day’s weather.
    Then she steps out and wears whatever she has collected in some way. If the whatever happens to be five pairs of pantyhose, pajama pants and a hairclip, so be it.
    Then she looks at herself in the mirror, applies random colors to her face and starts wearing scarves. Small ineffectual scarves, thick pile scarves, giant bulky woolen scarves that you could use to bludgeon a gorilla. With. One to three scarves is the usual number, but even four is OK.
    She thinks that the scarves somehow tie it all together. And they do, much in the way straps and strings and skeins of camel hide tie together the load on the roof of a long distance bus that drives from Bamako to Timbuctu.

    So, all in all I am not surprised that you find people in Monaco exceedingly well dressed and attractive.

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